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The University of Vigo is a public institution, internationally oriented and committed to quality teaching and research in order to contribute to the creation and transfer of knowledge. During its 26 years of existence, accumulates an extensive experience in R&D in the Biotechnology field with 440 researchers distributed in 35 teams. Our patent portfolio contains 60 patents in the different areas of the biotechnology sector and also 5 Biotech companies were created.

As a part of our strategy in this sector, two research centers were created in order to manage our potential: The CINBIO (Biomedical Research Center), that provide a common infrastructure for biomedical experts from the University of Vigo, and The ECIMAT (Toralla´s Marine Research Center) that aggregates all the capacities in marine science.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Biotechnology

• Chemistry

• Biomedicine

• Nanotechnology

• Medical devices & Software

• Marine Science

Lines of business

• R&D on demand

• Technology Transfer and Licensing

• Support of spin-off companies

• Promoting University-Companies relationship & Collaborative Research

Main interests in foreign markets

To promote the transfer and utilization of scientific-technological, humanistic and social knowledge produced in the University of Vigo. Fostering the relationships with the different agents of the innovation systems, interacting with companies and research centers. Encouraging the exploitation of results and consolidating entrepreneurial initiatives based on R&D.

Difference / potential

Strategically located in a highly industrialized area in the northwest coast of Spain with a strong relationship with the Portuguese innovation system, promoted in the frame of the Galician-North Portugal euro-region.


• 15th Spanish university in scientific production

• 10th Spanish University in patent applications (203)

• 10th Spanish university in licensed patents

• Between 6 and 7 M€ a year in R&D on demand

Awards / recognitions

• 2016. OCEANO/ECIMAT was recognized as "Galician Singular Research Centre" by the Regional Government through the "Excellence in Research Program” cofounded by the European Union.

• 2016. CINBIO was granted with the recognition of Galician Singular Research Centre” by the Regional Government.

• 2010. Awarded with an International Excellence Campus-Campus del Mar. Spanish Ministry of Education.


• Procedure for the diagnosis of dental demineralization processes.

• Pyridazin-3(2H)-one Derivatives as Selective Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase-B Isoform (MAO-B).

• Innovative process for the removal of persistent organic pollutants present in wastewater streams.

• Method for separating the surfactants present in the washing liquors of corn, and uses.

• Stereoselective synthesis of 9-cis-13,14-dihydroretinoic acidand its ethyl esters.

Contact person:

Ángeles López Lozano (Responsible of Technology Transfer Office)


R&D Office. Anexo Gerencia _Servicios Centrales, 1st floor
Campus Universitario s/n 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra) Spain


(+34) 986 81 22 36



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