Unirisco Galicia / Venture capital

Financianing knowledge

Investing in start-ups / spin- os of science and technology base in proof of concept stage, seed and start-up

Unirisco is a venture capital company that, on the initiative of Galician Universities, was set up in November 2000 with the aim of promoting the creation of high tech companies, through short - medium term investment operations in their equity, always with the criteria of profitability and job creation in mind.

Current portfolio: Centauri, Galchimia, Nanogap, Pharmatools, Situm and Appentra.

Divestments: Immunostep, Advancell, Amslab, Balneario Rio Pambre, BioGea, Bit Oceans, Devalar, Enxenio, Galicia Banner, Genomix, Gimena, Health in Code, Helionova, Hifas da Terra, Innolact, Keramat, Neoker, Proxectos, Signo and Xenotechs.


Foundation year

Business areas

Venture capital

Lines of business

• Industrial technologies

• Nanotechnology

• New Materials

• Agrifood

• Biotechnology and Health Technologies

Products / services

Venture capital

Contact person:

Yolanda Falcón García (Chief Investment Officer)

Maria José Conde (Director`s assistant)


Edificio Emprendia - Campus Vida
15782 Santiago de Compostela - Spain


(+34) 881 815 550


yolanda.falcon@unirisco.com / unirisco@unirisco.com



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