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Automation, Machine Vision, Robotics, Process Engineering and Validations for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industries

Syspro Engineering is a company dedicated to provide automation and process engineering services, with extensive experience in the biotechnological, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. We can participate in each of the different phases of a project, from the drafting of functional specifications through to the validation of computerized systems, taking into account at all times the different regulations and applicable standards (FDA, GaMP, ISA-S88, CFR21, etc.). We offer our solutions to production and research centers, improving the productivity and efficiency of the different processes in plants and laboratories.


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Business areas

• Engineering

• Automation

• Process

• Consulting

Lines of business

• Study

• Construction

• Installation

• Programming

• Commissioning

• Documentation

• Validation

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• Automation

• Machine Vision

• Robotics

• Validation

Main interests in foreign markets

Syspro has never been limited geographically. We have developed activities, not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but in many countries, collaborating with other European companies. At present we are developing projects for Portugal, the USA and Ireland. Our objective is to continue expanding our services internationally, with special interest in the European market. We work coordinating with our clients, developing part of the projects from our offices in Spain and travelling to our client’s installations whenever necessary. This way, we achieve effective results with the most efficient project management.

Difference / potential

When working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors, both with strict regulations, it becomes necessary to have a highly qualified team, with extensive experience and technical solvency. These are qualities hard to achieve which are met by all members of our company.


Development of a standard automation system based on ISA S-88, which enables to save time and increase efficiency throughout the different task undergone during an automation project (design, programming, commissioning, validation, etc).

This system has been successfully implanted in various projects such as the transformation of a single product biotechnological plant to a multiproduct plant; throughput increase in pharmaceutical plants, etc.

Contact person:

Luis Santiago (Manager)


Bajada A Gándara, 7 – Nave 8. 36330 – Vigo. SPAIN


(+34) 986 410 751



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