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We develop neuroimaging software for helping phisicians to improve diagnostic of neurological diseases

Qubiotech develops and commercialize Computer Aided Diagnostic (CAD) software for the quantification of medical imaging. Our first product, NeuroCloud, provides automated PET/MR fusión and PET image quantification to Nuclear Medicine Physicians, allowing a more precise an early diagnosis of neurological diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson and different dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease. Quantitative information is given as statistical maps calculated by comparing the analyzed patient with a database of healthy subjects. The software can be used online without distribution or installation, using modern cloud computing technology.

Qubiotech’s main objective is to transform advanced research developments into clinical routine tools, improving both healthcare systems productivity and patient well-being.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Hospitals

• Image Diagnostic Centers

Lines of business

• e-health

• Cloud computing

• Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD)

Products / services

• Medical image analysis

• Second opinion tools

Main interests in foreign markets

• Get strategic partners for in and out licensing. Collaboration with research centers.

Difference / potential

QuBiotech’s main difference is that it has emerged from the hospital environment. This allows us to understand clinical needs and to fully adapt our products to them. The company has a unique relationship with the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, which ensures a close working relationship between clinical staff and researchers for the development and clinical validation of software developments. Furthermore, the company has partnered with other Spanish reference institutions such as University of Barcelona and CIBER-BBN, and private companies such as Bayer.

The company is cleared by the Spanish regulatory agencies as a manufacturer of medical devices, complying all regulatory issues to provide healthcare products.

Qubiotech products are marketed through the cloud as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The next applications of NeuroCloud will be SPECT and MRI quantification, creating an ecosystem of applications, which cover all the needs of neurological diagnosis.


• CE Mark of NeuroCloud ^latform. ISO 13485 and 9001 Certification

• CDTI funded NEOTEC

Awards / recognitions


• Dec. Bioga Award to the Best Business idea for setting uup a biotech company.


• May. Premio University of Santiago de Compostela. Best Young Company.

• Oct. Selected by Bayer to join Grants4Apps coworking Barcelona.

• Nov. AJE Santiago de Compostela Award “Innova-Emprende” to the best innovative idea for setting up new companies.

• Dec. Real Academia Gallega de Ciencias.Award for the Best Technology Transfer case in 2015.


• Jan. StartupXplore. Selected among 10 leading star ups in Health sector in Spain.

• April. Pioneers Festival 2016. Selected for joining Pioneers 500 pitchs.

• April. Health 2.0 Europe. Selected for pitching the Project at EC2VC and selected for demoing live.

• May. Phiosphere Awards. (German Chamber of Commerce): 3rd position.

• May. Everis Foundation. Selected for pitching at the final Biomedical event.

• June. Fundación “Una Galicia Moderna”. Prize to the best Young Innovative Company Business Plan 2016.

• Oct. Siemens Days: shortlisted among 10 companies in Spain.

• Oct. Biospain 2016: selected for pitching at investors forum.

• Nov. Galicia Open Future (Telefónica-Xunta) award.

Contact person:

Dr. Daniel Fernandez Mosquera (Managing Director)


C/ Real nº24-1º
15003 A Coruña - Spain


(+34) 981 976 470





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