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Nasasbiotech is a biotechnology company that develops novel clinical solutions to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer

Nasasbiotech is a spin off from a biomedicine research project developed at the Translational Medical Oncology Laboratory of the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS), that develops novel clinical solutions to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer. Nasasbiotech’s solutions are based on oncologists’ needs and follow a novel and disruptive approach. Its aim is to reach clinical practice and overcome the current main challenge in oncology: the process of metastasis, which is responsible for 90% of cancer-related deaths. Focused on the process of metastasis and specially on CTCs, as they are intermediaries and responsible for the formation of metastasis. The philosophy of this Laboratory’s research projects is to provide useful tools to solve oncologists’ main medical needs. Our research is primarily focused on the study of circulating tumor cells or CTCs, their role in the formation of metastasis, their use as tools of diagnosis and prognosis, and the development of systems for their control and capture. The company will soon start the process with regulatory medical authorities. The objective is to bring the solution into the clinics to help clinicians to fight different types of cancers, starting with the ovarian one.


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• Medical oncology area

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• All public and private oncology hospitals.

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MTRAP is a new patented medical device that has demonstrated the capacity of capturing metastatic tumor cells in mouse models of ovarian and colorectal cancer, with the financial support of SERGAS through the PRIS programme (Programme for Pre-Commercial Development of Health Research Results) and Fundación Barrié, through its Science Fund.

Main interests in foreign markets

Nasasbiotech offers a novel approach to fight metastatic cancer; a medical device able to control tumoral dissemination, modulate the process of metastasis and transform the systemic disease into a focused disease. We analyse the mechanisms by which a tumoral cell is able to leave the primary tumour, and after understanding what it is looking for in another tissue where to form metastasis; we change or modulate this process by offering a niche, a much more attractive artificial tissue, where all tumoral cells will preferentially nest. We, therefore, are able to offer the oncologist the opportunity to take back control of the patient and to return the patient returns to a stage of a located primary tumour where the oncologist has highly effective tools as surgery or radiotherapy. In other words, the development of this metastatic cell capture device allows cells to gather in one single spot and hence facilitates cancer treatment with traditional methods. Our aim is to transform a disseminated tumour into a located tumour, thus improving the efficacy of treatments and the prognosis of patients. The results of the first prototype have been published in one of the major oncology journals, JNCI. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2015 Jul 6;107(9). PMID: 26150590.

Difference / potential

Actually, in the ovarian cancer treatment there are three strategies: first one is to remove tumoral cells by surgical procedure. Second one is trying to kill tumoral cells by radiotherapy. In both cases, strategy works reasonable when tumor is localized, but in the case of metastasis is necessary an additional component, and the third strategy, is trying to kill it by drugs (chemotherapy). We developed the first strategy to humper metastasis process and transform a disseminated disease in a focalized disease where strategies against cancer works again.


Nasasbiotech has been promoted by the researchers of the Translational Medical Oncology Lab from the Health Research Institute of Santiago (IDIS), Miguel Abal, Rafael López and Alexandre de la Fuente, jointly with Fundación Barrié ( and Fundación Ramón Dominguez. The company has been created to develop the MTRAP Technology.

Awards / recognitions

• 2015: Finalist of awards "Emprendedor XXI" (La Caixa) and Finalist of the best business idea from Bioga.


• European Patent Application EP14382160.1 de 30.4.2014.

• International Patent Application PCT/EP2015/059602 de 30.4.2015.

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Alexandre De La Fuente González


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