NANOGAP / Nanobiotechnology

From tiny particles, huge opportunities

Nanomaterial dispersions for technology advanced products and markets

NANOGAP is a nanomaterial company based on wet chemistry and the novel technology platform of Atomic Quantum Clusters (AQCs), a form of sub-nanometer particle which can be considered as a unique “metal molecule”. NANOGAP was incorporated in 2006 and it is a spin-out from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). In 2010 the international presence was increased with the creation of a US subsidiary in California.

Many of NANOGAP´s products have truly unique properties and benefits, and NANOGAP owns or has exclusive rights to exploit the intellectual property, including patents on products, process and use.


Foundation year



Business areas

• Conductive materials for touch screens, smart packaging, OLED lighting, EMF shielding, printed electronics, etc.

• Luminescent materials for currency, identity documents, security labels, diagnostics, etc.

• Antimicrobial materials that are nontoxic for medical devices, disinfectants, hygienic surfaces, etc.

• Therapeutic materials for Cancer treatment.

• Catalytic materials for self-cleaning surfaces, green chemistry, etc

Lines of business

• Custom Product Development contracts

• Product Sales

• Licensing Agreements

Products / services

• Atomic Quantum Clusters

• Nanoparticles

• Nanofibers

Main interests in foreign markets

The combined addressable global market for conductive, luminescent and antimicrobial is in excess of €1billion, and the addressable therapeutic and catalytic market is also in excess of €10billion. Within the nano-bio applications the main one is the used of luminescent AQCs as biomarkers so NANOGAP is interested on the global market for molecular diagnostics, estimated to grow to $9.3 billion by 2020. The diagnostics market associated with the use of biomarkers is estimated at 20% of this value at $1.8 billion and the addressable market for NANOGAP, although global, there is a special focused on the penetration in Europe and USA.

Difference / potential

NANOGAP has a new alternative to quantum dots that can be used as nano-bio-markers for diagnostic. This global market has a growing need for fast, cheap, point-of-care medical testing. NANOGAP’s solution to this need, are the unique luminescent materials based on AQCs which optical properties allow for easy detection (no confusion with natural fluorophores), their small size also allows for passing through cell walls, and they are non-toxic.


Most recent:

• 2015: Successful 3x scale up completed to meet customer demand.

• 2014: Nanofiber patent granted in Europe, Japan and US.

• 2013: Development/supply option contracts signed with 2 major players in conductives market.

• 2012: Filed security and diagnostic application patents. Negotiation started with 2 major players in conductives market.

Awards / recognitions

• 2012: “Coup de Coeur” PwC.

• 2012: “Entrepreneur XXI” La Caixa.

• 2007: “Most innovative company in Spain” ENISA.

• 2006: “Best innovative idea” University of Santiago de Compostela.

• 2006: “Most innovative project” María José Jové Foundation.


12 patent families (76 patents):

• Stable Atomic Quantum Clusters, production method thereof and use of same

• Use of Atomic Quantum Cluster (AQC as antimicrobial agents and biocides

• Luminescent nanocompounds

• ...

Contact person:

Tatiana López del Río (CEO)


Xesta, 78-A2.
15895 Milladoiro - A Coruña - Spain


(+34) 981 523 894

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