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Applied Genomics for Health

ICM is a company specializing in biotechnology, particularly in conducting diagnoses of hereditary diseases and genetic basis for hospitals and healthcare companies. Formed in the summer of 1997, ICM began operating in April 1998 with the aim of actively collaborating in such important field as the prevention and detection of genetic based diseases. In the elapsed time, the company has done important research that has become a clear reference in the field of Molecular Biology.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Next Generation Sequencing for clinical diagnosis

• Molecular Biology for clinical diagnosis

• Genomics for research groups and organizations

Lines of business

• Routine Clinical Assistance for Insurance Companies

• Routine Clinical Assistance Public and Private Hospitals

• Genomics for Contract Research Organizations -CROand Pharma Companies

Products / services

• Custom & On Demand Next Generation Sequencing -NGS-

• Molecular Biology

• Proteomics

• Custom Oncology Molecular Analysis

• Custom Neurology Molecular Analysis

• Custom Cardiology Molecular Analysis

• Reproductive and Prenatal Molecular Analysis

Main interests in foreign markets

ICM works as a supplier for UNILABS Swiss group, which groups demand from more than 16 countries. The best interests of ICM is to expand its activity to South America and United Arab Emirates.

Difference / potential

ICM has joint with BGI from Shenzhem -China-, and Complete Genomics USA to build the biggest european plattform for high throughput and low cost sequencing.

Awards / recognitions

ICM since its creation has received eight national and international awards in research.

Contact person:

Alfonso Alba (CEO)


Edificio CEI-NODUS - T5
Avda. Coruña, 500 27003 LUGO - SPAIN


(+34) 639 882 446



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