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Discover what mushrooms can do for you

We are dedicated to the research and the creation of innovative products based on organic mushrooms

At Hifas da Terra, we are committed to be sharing our extensive scientific research and bringing the unique properties of mushrooms to the world.

Hifas da Terra (HdT) is the first biotechnology company experts in mycotherapy offering the widest selection of organic products from a natural resource: mushrooms. We grow organic mushrooms of different varieties on oak, which improves the taste, texture and medicinal properties as opposed to other cultivation process. We integrate natural procedures with innovation to produce the best quality mushrooms products that can help us take care of our health.

As a result of our intense R&D program, we created our dietary supplements (Micosalud) organically produced under strict climatic conditions in our own land in Galicia with the aim to provide the purest and most organic medicinal mushrooms. Under this brand we offer extract capsules, natural dermo cosmetics, superfood and formulas for children.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Agrifood

• Dietary supplements

• Forestry/Gardening (mycohrrizal trees)

• Soil rehabilitation and forest productivity

Lines of business

• Development and production of organic products with medicinal mushrooms

• Development and production of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals acting as adjuvants to conventional therapies

• Research and Education (Mycology and Mycotherapy)

• Development and production of mushroom growing products

• Mycorrhizal trees nursery

Products / services

• Health: Nutraceutics and cosmeceutics, cosmetics, organic health supplements and gourmet range food, all developed from biotechnological procedures and obtained from mushrooms.

• Environment, gardening and Forestry: Mycorrhizal trees and Mushroom growing products.

Main interests in foreign markets

The launch of the first Mycotherapy nutraceutic range of products made with organic mushrooms designed to work as adyuvant of conventional oncology treatments.

Difference / potential

A exclusive cultivation process of medicinal mushrooms using a combination of organic farming and exclusive fermentation processes with the latest bioreactors technology, achieving thereby the highest concentration in bioactive molecules.

A research and development team including doctors in medicine, biology, pharmacy and chemical engineering. Many researching projects running in MicoI ImmuneTherapy. Carrying out studies in cellular models and clinical trials with patients, currently the company is carrying on many clinical trials with patients in oncology (colorectal and breast cancer) and in metabolic syndrome (Dismetasin Project).

Implementation of new methods of bioactive compounds extraction in order to develop special foods and superfoods (FungiTechOnco Project).


• Development of a new mushroom extract based cosmetic serum that showed more antioxidant activity than several serums in the market (CosmetInnova Project, 2014).

• Improvement of a new mushroom culture compost able to degrade highly recalcitrant and toxic hydrocarbons (Micotecnosoles® Project 2014).

• Ecosystem rehabilitation at Touro Mine and A Gudiña waste disposal site using saprophytic and mycorrhizal fungi (Micotecnosoles® Project 2015).

• Elucidation of human colon carcinoma growth inhibition activity for different extracts of cultured mushroom species (FungitechOnco project 2015).

• Taxonomical affiliation of new strains isolated in Galicia to Ganoderma lucidum and Grifola frondosa species of medicinal mushrooms with anticancer potential (FungitechOnco project 2016).

Awards / recognitions

• 2017: 2016 Spanish Food Awards - Best Organic Production (Spanish Government)

• 2014: Second prize for Innovation in the XIV National Young Entrepreneur Award 2014

• 2012: Award of Excellence for Innovation for Rural Women (Spanish Government)

• 2010: Galicia Young Entrepreneur Award

• 2008: Organic Food and Biodiversity Prize (Spanish Government)

• 2005: Agader Award for improving rural Galician 2005 (Galician Government)

Contact person:

Catalina Fdez de Ana Portela (President & Founder)


Portamuiños 7, Bora (Pontevedra) - Spain


(+34) 986 86 10 87


xerencia@hifasdaterra.com / comunica@hifasdaterra.com




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