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The Galicia Sur Health Research Institute (ISS Galicia Sur) is a space for multidisciplinary research in Biomedicine, based in the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in Vigo, which brings together the clinical research groups from the Health Areas in the South of Galicia (Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra) and the biotech groups from the University of Vigo.

ISS Galicia Sur main objective is to promote translational research and innovation, and thus ensure the effective application of research results in order to improve the health of the citizens.

We conduct competitive research on a global scale, benchmarking technological and prompting the transfer of research results to clinical practice and to the scientific and business worlds.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Neuroscience and Psychiatric Diseases

• Inflammatory and Infectious Diseases & Immune Disorders

• Metabolism, Nutrition and Rare and Genetic Diseases

• New Technologies, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

• Pathologies of Large Organ Systems, Ageing and Regenerative Medicine

• Cancer

• Healthcare Services Efficiency and Quality, Patient Safety and Health Economics

• Cross-cutting Area – Diagnostic Imaging

Lines of business

• Research and innovation activity

• Basic/Clinical/Traslational research experience

• Regional, national and Europen research projects and networks

• Techtransfer activity

• Clinical trials and studies

• Cooperation with companies and SMEs

Products / services

• Preclinical feasibility tests

• Processing, storage and custody of biological samples

• Tissue Processing&Histology

• Cell culture

• Development of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines

• Proteomic Technologies&Structure determination (High resolution mass spectrometry, AFM-Raman spectroscopy)

• Flow cytometry, Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS)

• Genomics (PCR-RT, DNA sequencing)

• Confocal, Electron&Optical Microscopy

• Laser microdissection

• Animal Testing&Animal house

• Nanotechnology (Synthesis of nanoparticles and nanocoposites

• Advanced nanosensors, Complex nanoreactors, Theranostic nanoplatforms)

• Custom synthesis and Design of organic molecules and drugs

• Biocompatibility tests

• Computational analysis and Bioinformatics

• ICT Development Platform

Main interests in foreign markets

• Strengthening our research activities in cooperation with European and International partners

• Participating in international projects and initiatives

• Engaging in research and innovation networks

• Finding partners for co-development and commercialization of new biomedical technologies

Difference / potential

The medical spectrum associated to the Institute is the biggest in Galicia, with 4 top-level hospitals, 3 university campus, 1 biomedical research centre (CINBIO), and around one million people of assigned population. Outstanding research capacity, bringing together the potential of the hospitals setting, which is in direct contact with the patient and can identify needs, and academia, which can develop the R&D which allows responding to those needs.


• ES2438468 B2: “Methods for predicting progression to disease of a subject infected with HIV”

• ES2402457 B2: “Procedure for the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion by determining the concentration of calprotectin in pleural fluid”

• ES 2525642 B1: “Procedure for diagnosing lung cancer by testing serum”

• ES1145886: “Closing device”

• ES1078517: “Rack puncture”

• WO2015/075291A1: “Vitamin D analagues of pharmaceutical interest”

• WO2013117782A1: “Method and device for detecting microorganisms”

• P201630620: “Use of anti-CD26 antibody levels as autoimmune and/or inflammatory disease biomarkers”

• EP16382565:”Antimicrobial Strain”

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Contact person:

Beatriz Gil de Araujo (Director)


Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro
Bloque Técnico - Planta 2ª
Estrada Clara Campoamor, 341
36312, Vigo - Spain


(+34) 986 217 460



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