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Biotechnology at the service of people´s well-being

The optimization of human health is our main objective, our products and services take part in the predictive and preventive medicine management.

EuroEspes Biotechnology (Ebiotec) is the EuroEspes Group’s Biotechnology Center, where basic research is performed and where the exclusive nutraceutical bioproducts are manufactured. All Ebiotec’s nutraceuticals are supported by preclinical and clinical scientific documentation, are prophylactically oriented and display high therapeutic value as adjunctive therapy in various health problems (lipid metabolism, neurodegenerative problems, cardio- and cerebrovascular disorders, immune system dysfunction, neoplastic processes). Among our priorities is the search for efficient solutions to the serious problem posed by dementia, ictus and other degenerative problems of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease.


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Business areas

• Biomedical Research Center

• EuroEspes Biotechnology (Ebiotec)

• EuroEspes Publishing

Lines of business

• Research, development and manufacture of nutraceutical bioproducts for the prevention and treatment of prevalent pathologies.

• Genomic medicine applied to the prediction of risks and the early diagnosis of prevalent neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

• Pharmacogenomics applied to the personalization of treatment.

• The diffusion of scientific knowledge in the field of genomic medicine.

Products / services

• Nutraceuticals Marine Line: AntiGan®, CabyMar®, DefenVid®, HepatoSar®, LipoEsar®, MineraXin® and MineraXin Plus®.

• Nutraceuticals Vegetable Line: AnimonComplex® and AtreMorine®.

• Pharmacogenetic Card.

• Genetic risk tests and clinical genetics.

• EuroPharmaGenics (A tool for clinicians and researchers to find and use genetic variation evidences on drug response).

• The World Guide for Drug Use and Pharmacogenomics (WGPGX).

Main interests in foreign markets

• The commercialization of our own line of products and services in international markets.

Difference / potential

• Design, manufacture and marketing of nutraceutical bioproducts of natural origin.

• Application of lyophilization techniques.

• Design of pre-clinical experimental systems.

• Extensive experience in personalized genetics.

• Development of new pharmacogenetic applications.


EuroEspes’ professional staff have performed over 150 research projects, which have given rise to 1,500 scientific publications and the first World Guide for Pharmacogenomics.

• Program FEDER-INNTERCONECTA: HOLOGAL. Program of Research and Development of innovative nutraceutics.

• Program of Research and Development of Alzheimer disease vaccine: EB101.

• Program Development of the World Guide for Drug Use and Pharmacogenomics.

Awards / recognitions

• La revista ACTUALIDAD ECONÓMICA, en colaboración con Siemens, premia a la Tarjeta Farmacogenética EuroEspes entre las 100 Mejores Ideas del año.

• Premio Cantábrico Excelente de Tecnología Sanitaria al centro médico Euroespes.


• Procedure for obtaining fish extracts, biobased principles and applications in medicine and food.

• Kit for molecular genetic characterization of Alzheimer’s disease.

• Method for obtaining microglial cell cultures adult rat and its applications.

• Alzheimer’s vaccine - EB - 101

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Lucía Fernández-Novoa (Technical Director at EuroEspes Biotechnology)


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