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Regional management of organic waste to produce ecological compost, vermicompost and substratum

Ecocelta Galicia SL is a pioneering Galician company dedicated to sustainable management of organic waste through the use of biotechnologies such as vermicomposting, composting, and methanization (biogas).

Ecocelta's plant in Pontevedra is a model of a regional center for the recovery of organic waste, managing organic material from agricultural industries, animal breeding, and agricultural and urban sources in a sixty kilometer radius. Ecocelta produces biofertilizers of high agronomic value and certified organic.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Research, development, and innovation in biotechnologies, specialized in waste management with annelid.

• Authorized manager of waste products and technical plant for treatment of animal byproducts.

• Selective biological management of organic waste and production of biofertilizers.

• Installation of vermicomposting, composting and biogas plants.

Lines of business

• Management and recovery of organic waste.

• Production and sales of compost, worm compost, substrates, and organic amendments for the decontamination of soil.

• Biological tests using worms to check toxicity in soils and waste.

• Waste water treatment using macrophytes.

• Annelid sales.

• Vermicomposting plant projects.

• Environmental waste management consulting.

Products / services

Participate in management and waste product recovery projects to produce organic fertilizers of high agronomic value through R+D+i department concentrated on vermicompost and waste water treatment with macrophytes.

Main interests in foreign markets

To assess foreign agencies and to cooperate with them for R+D+i purposes.

Difference / potential

Ecocelta uses only natural raw materials for the manufacture of its products. This means that no chemicals are implied in their processes and that all of them are certified as ecological fertilizers. In addition Ecocelta is one of the most experienced in the use of vermiculture, highlighting the quality of its product.

It is also highlighted that Ecocelta invest highly in R + D + i projects in order to develop innovative biological recovery techniques of organic waste in cooperation with private companies and public agencies.


• Ecocelta's products have oœcial organic certification granted by Intereco

Awards / recognitions

• 2007: AGADER (Galician Rural Agency of Development). Special Award.

• 2005-2007: Natural Environment Technology Innovation Award. Semana Verde Internacional Fair of Galicia. Silleda. Galician Government.

• "Ninfa do Minho" New Entrepreneur III Ed. Transborder Awards for Business Excellence Award Foundation CEO.


• Modular system of biological purification of manure and wastewater.

Contact person:

Sergio Horacio Quiroga Rivero (CEO)


Crta. PO-253 km 0,8 Pontacóns-Pías
36895 Ponteareas - Spain


(+34) 619 666 845



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