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The main activity is focused on R&D and subsequent technology transfer of new biomaterials for tissue engineering

DevelopBiosystem is a technology based company whose main activity is focused on research, development and subsequent technology transfer of new biomaterials for tissue engineering. Our areas of application, is currently in the RGO (bone regeneration) in dental / maxillofacial surgery and Traumatology, but with projects open in the field of the RGST (soft tissue regeneration) - RGC (Articular cartilage regeneration) and RGN (regeneration of nervous tissue).


Foundation year



Business areas

• Clinical research on regenerative medicine

• Tools and technologies for advanced therapies

• Novel marine derived biomolecules and industrial biomaterials

• Novel nanomatrices and nanocapsules

• Scale-up of nanopharmaceuticals production

• Networking of SMEs in the nano-biomedical sector

• Biomaterials for the treatment of diseases

• Nanomedicine therapy for cancer

Lines of business

Develop biosystem collaborates with other companies in R&D projects via Partners, Joint Venture, service provider…Our customers and partners may have the equipment and technology available.

Products / services

• Biopolymers.

• Synthetic block copolymers.

• Bioceramics.

• Composite biomaterials.

• Scaffolds.

• Development of analytical methods.

• Physical and chemical characterization of products.

• Technical specifications of product development.

• Evaluation of mechanical and thermal properties (Universal testing machines, DSC…).

• Identification of functional groups of materials and certain structures of solid and liquid, samples by infrared spectroscopy by FTIR (Fourier transform).

• Observations by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for analysis of the morphology of surfaces.

• Realization of qualitative or semi-quantitative chemical microanalysis by x-ray energy dispersed, for the detection of the chemical composition of the sample.

• Thermal analysis for the determination of temperatures of melting, crystallization, glass transitions, detection of mixtures.

• Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) Molecular weight determinations, mixtures…

Main interests in foreign markets

Europe, Asia and Latin-american markets.

Difference / potential

The group has a strong expertise in polymer science and dental implantology. The members of Developbiosystem focus their activity on the following research lines:

• Polymer and composite scaffolds for tissue engineering.

• Biocomposites for bone regeneration

• Thermosensitive hydrogels for regenerative medicine

• Biopolymers

• Bioceramics

Ostemcare is in the process of certification and that it is an inorganic material, synthetic, of the type Calcium Phosphate, for replacement or filling defects or bone cavities with loss of function, due to various pathological circumstances.


• More than 15 patents in exploitation.

Contact person:

Cristina Rodríguez Alonso (Administration Manager)


Parque Industrial A Trabe 41-42
15350 Cedeira - Spain


(+34) 981 483 737



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