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Development of JAVA-based solutions for intelligent systems in real time

CONEXIONA is a SME company based in Ourense, Spain. CONEXIONA focus is to develop java based solutions for real time and intelligent systems. CONEXIONA manufactures customer-specifics software with advanced graphical user interfaces. We have extensive expertise on the integration of technologies from different systems into consumer-oriented applications. With over 50 industrial customers in portfolio and a turnover of EUR 1,1 M€ in 2015, CONEXIONA reinvest its revenues in R&D projects, currently runs 3 applied R&D projects.

CONEXIONA operates since 2006 and staffs 12 workers, 2 of them with Master´s degree, and the rest with a strong experience in ICT research and innovation activities. As sample of Projects resulted from R&D activities CONEXIONA has actually eHeart project, with the objective of develop a system for the automatic detection of a certain type of arrhythmia in real time.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Energy

• Health

• Logistics

• Retail


Products / services

• IPetrol: Monitoring and control solutions for Petrol Stations.

• iPlace: IOT platform for monitoring and automation installations and connect any physical device turn it into a automation device. This platform has application in the healthcare industry for monitoring sensors and devices, Hospitals or network of hospitals from one centralized location.

• Software development: Development of software in JAVA for real time and intelligent applications.

Main interests in foreign markets

Interest in al the European markets, with the main objective of introduce iPlace (IOT) as the platform used in hospitals and healthcare industry related to cloud applications.

Awards / recognitions

• 2016. Young businessman award from Galicia.

• 2015. INNOVA EVIA 2015 GRANT. eHeart project. AMETIC.

• 2015. Growth Strategy of the year 2015. MOBOTIX.


• System and device for controlling stock of consumable hospital items.

Contact person:

Carlos Manuel Sande (Chief Innovation Officer)


Tecnópole I, oficina 16
Parque Tecnolóxico de Galicia
32911 San Cibrao das Viñas - Ourense - Spain


(+34) 988 105 919



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