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Chemical and Biotechnological research center

The Advanced Scientific Research Center (CICA) was created with the aim of enhancing some of the most powerful research areas of the University of Coruña, those related to the chemical and biotechnological areas as well as the biomedical sciences.

CICA defines its principal target such as "promote the advancement of excellence in basic and applied R&D in chemical, biological and biomedical sciences, optimizing scientist resources of the institution, enhancing the research capacity of the university and encouraging the transfer of results to society".

Regional Government supports CICA promoting a strategic association with INIBIC, an Institute for Biomedical Research, in order to develop strategies to make cooperative research stronger.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Biomedicine

• Biotechnology

• Environment

• New materials

Lines of business

• Treatment of urban industrial wastewater

• Biomonitoring of pollution in marine environment

• Cytogenetic characterization of marine organisms

• Assessment of contaminants in the working environment

• Analysis of molecular markers

• Mass production of microalgae

• Synthesis, isolation of bioactive natural products

• Lignocellulosic materials

• Biomedicine

Products / services

• Analytical methologies.

• Modeling in hydraulic engineering and terrain.

• Characterization of lignocellulosic materials.

• Water purification and control of wastewater plants treatment.

• Microalgae in aquaculture.

• DNA techniques, analysis of molecular markers, gene sequencing.

• Development and use of molecular markers to study populations and lineages.

• Genetic analysis of marine organisms.

• Synthesis, structural elucidation of bioactive natural products.

• Regulation of gene expression.

• Cytogenetic characterization of marine organisms.

• Decontamination process from low cost materials.

• Use of nanomaterials for novel medical applications.

• Use of zebrafish as an animal model.

• Much more services, visit our website.

Difference / potential

Founded by the University of A Coruña, the Advanced Scientific Research Center (CICA) started its research activities in 2015. Since its creation, CICA aimed at becoming a centre of reference committed to performing research at the biological, chemical and medical areas. CICA also has two other objectives: Knowledge and technology transfer and the training of the future generation of scientists.

Awards / recognitions

• 2015: Gepronat Award. Jaime Rodríguez González. CICA Coordinator.

• 2011: Wellcome Trust Image awards. Mónica Folgueira Otero.

• CICA-INIBIC strategic association.


Over 25 patents

• Strains of S.cerevisiae, capable of growing in media with melibiose, stachyose and raffinose.

• Lipasa Termófila.

• Passive contaminant sampling device.

• Use of inorganic - organic hybrid one composition.

• Compound for selective extraction of lanthanide ions.

• Procedure for obtaining polyhydroxyalkanoates from waste water from the brewing industry.

• Selective bioconversion process gas containing carbon monoxide, ethanol , acetic acid without accumulation.

• Yeast strains capable of secreting beta-galactosidase the medium and its use for the production of biomass, ethanol, beta-galactosidase and proteins of interest.

Contact person:

Julia Fernández Valero (R&D management and marketing)


As Carballeiras, s/n, Campus de Elviña
15071 A Coruña | Spain


(+34) 881 015 580



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