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CETIM offers technological services in advanced materials, environment and engineering

CETIM is a private non-profit R&D Center, recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and Axencia Galega de Innovación. Its mission is to promote research, technological development and innovation in the different sectors and economic activities through its Knowledge Areas:

• Advanced Materials. R&D on wood compounds (lignin, cellulose), polymers & biopolymers, coatings, MIPs, asphalts, concrete, cements, geopolymers, etc.

• Environmental. Specialized in Water and Waste treatments aiming revalorization and environmental impact reduction. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA & LCC).

• Industrial Development. Prototypes of pilot plants, automation solutions, energy harvesting systems.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Advanced Materials. Organic and inorganic novel materials

• Environmental. Water and Waste treatment, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA & LCC)

• Industrial Development. Applied engineering, development of ICT and sensor solutions.

Lines of business

Advanced Materials

• Design and optimisation of new polymer and biopolymers formulations and of cement, concrete and asphalt mixtures

• Commissioning and optimising of processes for recycled materials


• Conventional & advanced water treatment technologies

• Microbiological analysis of fishery products and aquaculture: parasites, etc...

Industrial Development

• Design and assembly of prototypes, scaling of pilot plants

• Design and development of electronic systems, automation and control solutions

• Lay-out and integration of supply systems based on renewable sources (energy harvesting)

Products / services

• R&D projects and services

• Strategic agreements and research units

• Partner on financed projects

• Contracts through financed projects

• Direct contracts

• Technological services: sample treatment and characterization, standardised test tubes, etc.

Main interests in foreign markets

CETIM works with numerous EU & non-EU industrial and technological partners. Since 2011, the Centre has built a network of collaborators from different economic sectors and countries. Nowadays, CETIM aims to broaden its network with international partners from fields of interest such as:

• Waste recovery, bio-refinery, circular economy

• Microbiology and biotechnology

• Wood pulp, lignin, cellulose

• Construction materials

• Water treatment technologies

Difference / potential

CETIM’s vision is to provide its customers and partners the support and scientific knowledge needed to achieve high market added-value products, processes or by-products appreciation methods, by means of its facilities. As a 100% private Centre, CETIM works jointly with its collaborators to apply its transversal knowledge to close-to-market innovation, understanding the economic needs beyond scientific research results.

In order to achieve this aim, CETIM builds up projects and alliances with key industries and technological partners.


• 2014 – First presence in Europe through a R&D partnership

• 2015 – Launches its R&D line on lignin and cellulose

• 2016 – Awarded with its first European R&D project on water treatment

• 2016 – Awarded with its first European R&D project on environmentally friendly construction materials

• 2016 – Awarded with its first large national R&D strategic project

Awards / recognitions

• 2011 .Foundation of Galician Interest – Galician Regional Government

• 2015.Nationally recognized Technological Centre – Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spanish Government

Contact person:

Adrian Rodriguez Reino (Commercial Manager)


Rúa As Carballeiras s/n, Edificio CICA, 1º


(+34) 662 950 901





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