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High Capacity Computing Innovation Services for Companies That Grow

Provision of high quality computing services for innovation and R&D

The Supercomputing Centre of Galicia places its scientific and technical infrastructures at the service of innovative enterprises. We aim to provide companies with the computing, storage, and data analytics muscle they need when they need it to support fast growth and development. We can quickly provide your company with access to world class infrastructures and put the support of the most experienced team of computing researchers and technicians at your service. We would love to help you grow. Let us take care of your needs and trouble with regard to high performance computing, cloud computing, data storage, back-up, big data, simulation and numerical analysis.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

Computing & Data Analytics tailored to boost services in:

• Agrifood

• Health

• Genomics

• Environmental Genomics

• Ocean & Life Sciences

• Bio & Nanotechnology

• Ocean & Life Sciences

• Bio & Nanotechnology

Lines of business

Massive virtual drug candidate screening, docking, molecular modelling and dynamics, genomics, proteomics, data analytics,…

Products / services

• Computing

• Cloud

• Data Analysis

• Big Data

• Storage

• Consultancy

• R&D Projects

Main interests in foreign markets

We are ready to provide services globally at the most competitive prices.

Difference / potential

Large Infrastructure Services, Scalability, Flexibility, long and wide services experience, highly qualified and services-oriented proffesional team.


CESGA has helped over 500 research, development and innovation groups achieve their scientific results in time for 24 years. We pride ourselves in helping users and clients accelerate inquiry and faster achieve their goals. CESGA has participated, coordinated and managed hundreds of R&D Projects at European, National and Regional level. CESGA has provided services and collaborated in innovation and research projects with many National as well as some Multinational companies during his 24 year history.

Awards / recognitions

• Throughout its twenty-four-year history, CESGA’s infrastructures have been listed 10 times in the TOP500 World Supercomputing list

• 2008 CESGA was officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation as a Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS)

• Some awards at https://cesga.es/es/cesga/premios

Contact person:

Ramón Basanta (Transfer Manager)


Avenida de Vigo, s/n -Campus Vida- 15705
Santiago de Compostela - A Coruña - SPAIN


(+34) 981 569 810





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