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To increase the capacity and impact of the research activity within the value chain knowledge-transference-innovation

CAMPUS VIDA initially came into being as a natural evolution of the University of Santiago de Compostela’s capabilities and the structure of its academic, scientific, technological and socioeconomic environment. It is a direct result of the universities commitment to achieving excellence in human resource management, internationalization, innovation in Life Science, improving economic growth and commitment to quality of life.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

Campus Vida has developed a comprehensive strategic plan that includes the deployment of 10 vertical action plans and 2 horizontal action plans with their corresponding operational objectives, actions and indicators that ensure the achievement of the 5 strategic objectives in the 6 areas for improvement as defined by the Ministry of Education for the Campus of International Excellence.

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Products / services

• Information Technology Research

• Research in Chemical and Material Biology

• Research in Molecular Medicine

• Chronic Diseases

Main interests in foreign markets

CAMPUS VIDA aspires to become a Biocampus known as an international reference point for learning, research, knowledge transfer and sustainable creation of wealth, equality and social values.

Difference / potential

CAMPUS VIDA acts in a cooperative environment together with Hospitals, research centers, foundations, and companies to form a dynamic BIOCLUSTER of Research-Transference-Innovation with the capacity to drive the creation of employment and economic growth.

CAMPUS VIDA is defined by a new model of scientific organization that integrates critical mass, interdisciplinary nature, vision and objectives, strategic prioritization, based on the consolidation of Singular Research Centres and its interaction with the Health Research Network Institutes


Research in the frontier of the knowledge in Biotech: 1 Advanced Grant, 4 Starting Grant and 1 POC.

• Leader in European Consortium TRANS-INT coordinating 15 institutions and 1 Big Pharma. Beneficiary of 8 Consortia in H2020 in Biotech.

• 3 Platforms with companies in pharma, energy and environmental sectors.

• Innopharma: platform for open development in pharmacogenomics and early drug development.

• Nanobiofar: platform for open innovation in drug deliver.

Contact person:

Isabel Rodríguez-Moldes Rey (Vice Rector)


Edificio Cactus Campus Vida
15782 Santiago de Compostela - Spain


(+34) 881 811 002



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