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Cross-border and integrated network of research, teaching and technology transfer units in the field of Marine Sciences and Technologies

The international Campus of Excellence, Campus do Mar, represents a R&D network of more than 3500 researchers from 25 institutions in the field of Ocean Sciences and Technologies, implemented along Eurorregion Galicia-N of Portugal, aimed to train the best professionals and researchers, generate quality research and international impact and provide industry with the best tools for competing on a global scale.

Since obtaining the CEI-R seal of excellence in 2010, Campus do Mar has actively worked in the development of projects and activities designed in its Action Plan, with the objective of positioning itself as an aggregating element of the marine and maritime interests of the Galicia-Northern Portugal Eurorregion, and as a reference at international level on the knowledge of the oceans.


Foundation year




R&D Institutions

Business areas

• Marine Research organized in four R&D Clusters: Ocean Observation and Global Change; Sustainable Use of Marine Resources; Integrated Management of the Coastal Zone and Technological Progress and Business Management. Its objective is to respond to the important challenges faced by society at the start of the 21st century on issues related to how oceans work from the point of view of global change and resource management. See more at: /clusters-de-investigacion/

• Education and specialized training: Do Mar International Phd Programme

• Technology Transfer and entrepreneurship

• Ocean Literacy

• Internationalization

Products / services

• Centralization of marine research capacities of the Eurorregion

• International, national and regional networks and projects

• Specialized training

• Technology Transfer and stakeholder engagement

• Public Outreach

• Marine biotech services

Main interests in foreign markets

Campus do Mar works actively in the development of international and multidisciplinary research and innovation projects in collaboration with technology, educational, research and governmental public and private institutions, as well as in the establishment of strategic partnerships and the adhesion to outstanding networks of marine research, training and technology transfer. The Internationalization Strategy of Campus do Mar has been developed through four Programmes: External Projection, Welcome, Mobility of Students and Researchers, and Cooperation for Development. (See more at

Difference / potential

CAMPUS DO MAR is an International Campus of Excellence, consisting of the aggregation of the three Galician universities: University of Vigo, University of Santiago de Compostela, University of A Coruña, the Spanish Council of Research, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, seven Portuguese universities and Institutes, and the Galician-Northern Portugal research centres and technology platforms related to the study of the sea.

Campus do Mar is based on 2 pillars: the Sea as a unique and differentiating element and the transboundary nature of the strategic aggregation with base on the Eurorregion Galicia–Northern Portugal. The network is directly linked to the social and economic reality of the Eurorregion, a territory traditionally linked to the sea that, throughout history, has been a source of wealth and new challenges, as it is reflected in its social identity.


• Participation in 183 international R&D projects

• 5 M€ obtained in public grants by the Technical Unit

• More than 23 spin-offs generated

• More than 59 patents exploited

• More than 16 international researchers recruited with international funding

• Funding of 36 Phd grants and 52 master grants

• First Marine Cross-Border Phd programme- Do Mar

Contact person:

Emilio Fernández Suárez


Plaza Miralles, Local A7 - Campus Universitario de Vigo
36310 Vigo - Spain


(+34) 986 13 00 00



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