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Advice, Training and Research in applied Biostatistics

Biostatech is a university spin-off in Biostatistics. It was created by researchers and specialists with a wide and proven experience in applying statistical methods to Life and Health Science.

Biostatech provides statistical solutions at any stage of a study: 1) Optimal design of experiments, 2) Creating functional data base, 3) The processing and analysis of data, using the most appropriate statistical technique for each study, 4) And finally getting results and support in their interpretation.

Biostatech provides high quality solutions that meet the specific needs of researchers and companies.


Foundation year



Business areas

• Management

• Advice & Training

• I+D+i

Lines of business

• Statistical advice for researches (Life and Health Sciences, Biotechnology, Social and Economic Sciences).

• Statistical advice for companies (production processes, predictive models, sales and customers management, etc.).

• Statistical software development.

• Training in advanced statistical methodologies.

Products / services

• Advisory Products:

· PRE: Design of Experiments

· BD: Design and creation of databases

· EST: Data processing and analysis

· PUB: Developmetnt of scientific publications and PhD thesis

• Training Products (several statistical methodologies & software R):

· Basic Level

· Intermediate Level

· Advanced Level

· Specialized (tailor-made)

Difference / potential

We are specialists in flexible methodologies (STAR, GAM, etc.), which are very suitable for studies of association, classification and prediction. Similarly, we have high technical knowledge in other high-potential (mixed models, ROC, etc.) and best-known statistical methodologies.

We have high experience and expertise for providing solutions to any statistical problem. We research and develop new techniques in collaboration with international reference groups.

Awards / recognitions

• 2011: double award in XI USC Contest of Innovate Business Ideas Prizes (University of Santiago de Compostela).

• 2011: Qualification as Technology-Based Company (Xunta de Galicia).

• Since 2012: Scientific recognition of:

- Biostatnet (Spanish network of biostatistics).

- CIMUS-USC (Center for Research in Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases).

- Math-in (Spanish network Mathematics-Industry).

- GRIDECMB-USC (Interdisciplinary group of statistics, computer science, medicine and biology.

Contact person:

Vicente Lustres Pérez (Managing Director)


Edificio Emprendia, Campus Vida s/n.
15782 Santiago de Compostela - A Coruña - Spain


(+34) 981 594 530 // (+34) 672 771 319



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