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Technological par tner in the development of solutions for the marine and food industry

Application of biotechnology to obtain improved food and processes

ANFACO-CECOPESCA is a business association with more than a century of history that represents and defends the economic, social and professional interests of more than 200 companies from the marine and food industry network. ANFACO-CECOPESCA is at the same time a national technology centre whose main objectives are promoting the quality, research and technological development in the field of marine and food products as well as the transference.

ANFACO-CECOPESCA promotes the development of R&D&I projects at both national and international level for the knowledge generation that later can be introduced in the industrial sector. It plays an essential role as a revitalising agent in the business innovation in the sea and food sector towards R&D&I, providing companies with the necessary tools to face the execution of R&D&I projects developed inside the companies themselves, supporting them both in research development and project management.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• R&D&I

• Technical Assistance and Consultancy

• International Cooperation

• Analytical technology

Lines of business

• Food, health and nutrition

• Pharmaceutical industry

• Quality, food safety and industrial hygiene

• Valorization of by-products and circular economy

• Living resources and aquaculture

• Process engineering and Industry 4.0

• Product conservation technologies and product innovation

Products / services

• In the field of healthy food development ANFACO-CECOPESCA can cover the entire process from the beginning: obtaining ingredients with functionality from different sources, including by-products; study of their biological activities; stabilization and incorporation of ingredients and development of functional foods. Nutritional and sensorial analysis; development of strategies to improve nutritional and organoleptic quality; studies of digestibility and bioavailability and, if necessary, collaboration with hospitals for clinical studies. Scientific basis and Consultancy services on nutritional and health claims.

• In vitro human cell cultures and cell biology.

• Obtaining of microorganisms and enzymes with biotechnological potential.

• Valorization of by-products and processing effluents from the food industry through the development of new industrial chemical / biological processes.

• Ultra and nanofiltration processes.

• Development of molecular tools for pathogen diagnostic and genetic identification of aquaculture fish and bivalves.

• Optimization of culture parameters and biochemical composition of microalgae for aquaculture uses or production of biomass and metabolites.

• Development of experimental oral vaccines and formulation of nutritional supplements with healthy properties for fish.

• Information and Training services on food safety legislation, analytical techniques, accredited laboratories.

• Application of supercritical fluids for the extraction of components with high added value and microencapsulation of bioactive substances

Difference / potential

Use of biotechnology and other modern technologies in the development of healthy food with a tailored nutritional profile, not only for the general consumers but targeting specific health needs of some populations sectors. Development of technologies for industrial production of added value products from food industry by-products for application in food, pharmaceutics and cosmetics.

Development of biotechnology based tools for the improvement of aquaculture production and innovation in manufacturing and preservation to upgrade final products. Development of strategies to eliminate food risks. Fast and sensitive technologies to ensure food safety and traceability.

Awards / recognitions

• 2016: Creation of the Center for Advanced Research Technologies for the Marine and Food Industry (CYTMA).

• 2011: Concession by AENOR of the R & D & I management certificate, according to the UNE 166002 standard.

• 2008: Recognition by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as a State Technology Center in accordance with Royal Decree 2093/2008, of December 19th. In the food field is the only entity in Galicia with this recognition.

• 2001: First prize for the best Spanish food company 2001 in the modality of technological investment and innovation, granted by the ministry of agriculture fishing and food.

• 1996: Accreditation of ANFACO-CECOPESCA laboratories by ENAC, in accordance with the standard UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025.


21 patents and utility models related with the development of food processing and preservation technologies, new products and with development of biotechnological systems to ensure food safety.

Contact person:

Sandra Rellán Piñeiro (Project Management - R&D&I Area)


Carretera Colexio Universitario, 16, 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)


(+34) 986 46 93 01