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Applied Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Chemical, Genetic and Bioanalysis Services

AMSlab is a laboratory which offers analytical solutions to industries. We are specialists in developing new analytic methods to our clients, using mass spectrometry.

AMSlab provides analytical services for companies of the economic sectors: Chemical, Pharmatheutic, Textile, Food, Environmental, Clinic and Materials, performing quality and safety controls in their products. By this way, AMSlab guarantees the fulfillment of the standards and technical specifications necessary to bring out their products to the market.


Foundation year


Turnover volume (2016)



Business areas

• Chemical

• Pharmatheutic

• Textile

• Food

• Environmental

• Clinic

• Materials

Lines of business

• Chemical analysis

• Physical analysis

• Genetic analysis

• CRO (Contract Research Organization)

Products / services

• Chemical analysis

• Physical analysis

• Genetic analysis

• CRO (Contract Research Organization)

Main interests in foreign markets

• Collaboration projects

• Comercial partners

Difference / potential

AMSlab uses up-to-date technology and it has personal with high skills. We can give to our customers the results report in a very short period of time due to we have got a company structure 24/7. Also, AMSlab can develop new specific methods under request.

Awards / recognitions

• IX Competition of Innovative Business Projects - USC (2009)

• Second Prize II Young Entrepreneur Award Lugo - Lugo AJE (2010)

• Innovation Award - Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Galicia (2011)

• IV Prize Embark Lugo - Lugo AJE (2013)

• III Young Entrepreneur Award Galicia - AJE Galicia (2013)

• Social Commitment Second Prize XIV National Young Entrepreneur Award - CEAJE (2014)

• II Bioga Award (2014)

Contact person:

Manuel Lolo Aira (CEO)


Avda. Benigno Rivera, nº56
27003 Lugo - Spain


(+34) 982 808 074



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