1. General information

The website hosted under the domain www.bioga.org is owned by BIOGA, Galicia’s Life Sciences Techonological and Business Cluster (hereinafter BIOGA), with registered office in Cebreiro, 15823 O Pino, A Coruña (Spain), with tax identification number G70259312, whose statutes are deposited at Rexistro Central de Asociacións with deposit number 2010/014647-1.

You can contact BIOGA through telephone 661 745 433 / 881 120 459 and the email: info@bioga.org.

Access to the website is free, except where applicable, regarding the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider contracted by the users. Access to the membership area is restricted to users authorized by BIOGA.

Through this website, BIOGA provides general information about the Association, its activities and services, but in no case is it possible to hire the services or provide them through the website. The information is provided for information purposes only, without BIOGA giving any guarantee as to its accuracy, timeliness or validity at the moment it is consulted by the user.

2. Content ownership

All of the website’s contents, by way of example, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, links and other audiovisual or sound content, as well as its software, graphic design and source codes (hereinafter “content”), are the intellectual property of BIOGA or of third parties, and the rights their exploitation recognized by the current legislation in matters of intellectual property cannot be understood as being assigned to the user, except those that are strictly necessary for the use of the site. The use of all elements subject to intellectual and industrial property for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited, as well as their distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation apart from the cases expressly authorized by BIOGA.

BIOGA authorizes, except when otherwise indicated, the reproduction of the information and texts presented in this site in other internet sites and in particular through social network services, provided that their source is mentioned.

BIOGA’s website displays commercial names, logos and/or own and third party brands, with the sole purpose of showing the membership to the Association of their owners or illustrating news related to such owners, their products or services, and it cannot be understood that access to the site attributes any rights on said brands, trade names and/or distinctive signs.

3. Links

Internet users who want to introduce links on their own web pages to BIOGA’s website can do so without any limitation other than the compliance with the current regulations and in accordance with the following conditions:

• Frames of any type that surround the website or allow the display of the contents through internet addresses other than those of BIOGA in a way that produces, or can produce, error, confusion or deception in the users about the true origin of the service or contents; suppose an act of comparison or unfair imitation; serve to take advantage of the reputation of the brand and prestige of BIOGA; or are in any other way prohibited by current legislation cannot be established.
• No false, inaccurate or incorrect information about BIOGA, its associates, employees, customers or the quality of the services it provides will be made from the page that introduces the link.
• The page where the link is located will not express that BIOGA, in some way shares, sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the sender, unless stated on an expressly written authorization by BIOGA.
• In no case may links be created to own or third party content that is unlawful, harmful or contrary to morality and good customs (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); induce or may induce in the user the false conception that BIOGA subscribes, supports, adheres to, or in any way supports, the ideas or expressions of the sender; are inappropriate or irrelevant to BIOGA’s activity in regard to the place, contents and subject matter of the website of the sender.

4. Exclusion of liability

Access to the website does not imply BIOGA’s obligation to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer elements. It is the user’s responsibility, in any case, to own the adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful software.

BIOGA is not responsible for the damages produced in the computer equipment of users or third parties during the provision of the site’s service. Access to the website requires services and supplies from third parties, including transport through telecommunications networks whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation do not correspond to BIOGA. Therefore, the services provided through the website may be suspended, canceled or inaccessible, prior or simultaneous to the provision of the website service.

BIOGA does not assume any responsibility on the external links that may be included in the website, since it does not have any control over them, so users access under their exclusive responsibility to the content and the conditions of use that govern it.

In the event that the user considers that a site linked to illegal or inappropriate content exists, it may communicate it to BIOGA, this communication entailing no obligation to withdraw the corresponding link.

5. Legislation

This Legal Notice is governed in each and every one of its ends by Spanish Law.